Our next sale is Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 10:30 AM at THE GREELY LEGION,  8021 MITCH OWENS ROAD, GREELY, ONTARIO.  The hall has been rented out the whole month of NOVEMBER so this will also be the CHRISTMAS SALE!!  PRIZES AND TURKEYS WILL BE HANDED OUT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!  Ken can be reached at 613-774-5918 or 613-794-2760.  We do auction and estate sales at your place or mine and would be happy to talk to you about your specific needs.  If you have any questions about the new location or other issues please call or email at:

This is beginning to shape up as our best sale of the year!!!

Beautiful Xmas decorations (all in working order)!!!  Brighten up your lawn with these!!

Antique porcelain Salada tea and Buckingham cigarette push bars (porcelain), Five Roses porcelain sign.  Many other old antique signs (porcelain and tin).  Porcelain beer dispenser.  Antique peddle car.  Old churn F.L. Farbab.  Canadian stamp dispenser.

Royal Doultons:  Golden Days HN2274, Lily HN 1798, Autumn Breezes HN1911, Karen HN 2388, Meditation HN2330, Romance HN2430, Sea Harvest HN2257, Elegance HN2264, Twilight HN2256 and Cocker Spaniel in Basket HN2586.  Also two catalogues #9 (1965) and #14 (1975).  Royal Doulton Jennifer HN4248, Jessica HN 3169, Sarah HN 3380 1993 (signed), Be Mine No. 139 of 7500, Charlotte HN 2421, Christmas Day 2002, Belly Across The Valley HN 4300, Alexandria HN 3286 (signed 1997).

Jewelry:  Silver charm bracelet, 10K gold amethyst ring and 10K gold family ring.  Toronto Maple Leaf watch.  Five beautiful long hat pins and 5 short hat pins.  Lady’s 14 kt yellow gold ring with one approx. .10pt diamond appraised at $500.00, Lady’s 14kt yellow gold ring set with seven approx. .01 pt diamonds (one missing) appraised value $250.00, lady’s 10 kt yellow\white gold ring weighing 3.3 grams appraised value $240.00, lady’s 10 kt yellow gold wedding band appraised value $300.00, 19 kt gold cluster ring set with oval amethyst and eight diamonds appraised value $350.00, man’s 14 kt yellow gold diamond solitaire ring (beautiful) appraised value $23,850.00, second man’s 14k yellow gold diamond solitaire ring $23,850.00, man custom made 10 kt yellow and white gold diamond ring appraised $4,495.00.  All rings have appraisals with them when purchased.

Hand stitched Mennonite quilts (beautiful), Solid brass ebony canes, ivory pieces, clocks (all working), 2 Roseville vases, Birks clock, Furst-pless vintage horn, Birks regency candleholders, two stained glass mirrors, Chinese riding stirrups.  Beswick elephant and Clydesdale horse, Beswick vases, bleek bell (tea light holder),  and marriage plate in frame, 2 Moorcroft pieces.  Cranberry vase and apple, cranberry pickle cruet.  Toby mugs, Jade bear, Mary Gregory biscuit jar, vintage glassware, several snuff bottles, crocks, leaded glass pcs.  Tiffany lamps and floor lamps.

Hand beaded horse tie, carved wood loon (plain and coloured), large red tin rooster (tea light holder), Roots Genuine leather zip wallet.  Canes with brass handles, several musical instruments.  Clocks, wood butler.  Antique riding stirrups.

Prints:  Water Buffalo by Robert Bateman 1986 508\950, Wolf Print by James Hautman 1989 610\950, Ontario Bi-Centennial 1784-1984.  Two oriental pictures made with feathers (beautiful).

Rosewood end table, cedar chest, wash stand, two spool cabinets, drop front desk, old radio, china cabinets, oak white wash dining room set, Thomasville leather recliner.

Lots more pictures and descriptions this week!!!


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